Celebrate National Cat Lovers’ Month this December

The cat’s out of the bag – December is National Cat Lovers’ Month! How are you going to celebrate? When every day of the month is Caturday, there are so many possibilities, This month is dedicated to loving and celebrating your cat’s existence (as if they don’t demand that every day of the year). Need some ideas on how to celebrate? We’ve got your covered!

  1. Learn and share cat facts - Learning fun facts and sharing them with others is a great way to spread the love of cats. Did you know cats first went to space in 1963? Well now you do! 
  2. Make a COVID friendly visit to a shelter and play with the cats - Shelter cats waiting for their forever families are sometimes deprived of love and attention, so they could use some of your free time for their play time.
  3. Watch funny cat videos - There is no shortage of these on the internet!
  4. Groom your cat - Cats are pretty good at grooming themselves, but can sometimes use some extra help. Grooming your cat can strengthen the bond between human and pet as well as keep them healthy. Brushing them, trimming their nails, or brushing their teeth are all great ways to keep your kitty looking and feeling fresh.
  5. Play with your cat - Cats get bored easily. Playing with them is a positive way to release energy or aggression. Toys that bounce, jingle, are crinkly, or are filled with catnip are the perfect way to get your cat to play. Plus, playing is another great way to strengthen the bond between you and your cat!
  6. Donate or volunteer at a local animal shelter - Shelters usually need a hand in taking care of cats that are waiting for their forever homes. Different shelters have different needs. You can always call and ask what your local shelter needs or ask if they have an Amazon wishlist. When in doubt, donate Southern Agriculture Cat Toys!
  7. Snuggle with your cat - If they’ll allow it...
  8. Go for a walk with your cat - Grab a collar and take your kitty for a walk. Not only will this get your cat much needed exercise, but also you!
  9. Teach your cat a trick - We know you can teach dogs tricks, but did you know cats are great at learning new things too? Cats love to work for food, so teaching them tricks for treats is the perfect way to have some fun for both of you.
  10. Splurge On Some New Cat Furniture - If you want to treat your cat to something a little extra, think about buying some new cat furniture. You can find many types of cat furniture that serve multiple purposes – such as a cat tree. Larger cat trees can provide a safe hideout for one or more cats, scratching post, or lookout perches at different heights. Some styles of cat trees may even include toys for daily enrichment, play, and exercise. You could also use National Cat Lovers’ month as an excuse to buy your cat a comfy new bed or an even larger scratching post – both are useful items that your cat will definitely enjoy!

Last but not least, however you are celebrating National Cat Lovers’ Month, don’t forget to memorialize your activities. Take pictures (selfies or a stylized photoshoot would both work!), make a scrapbook of your special memories, create some cat-themed art, get a tattoo of your cat’s paw, etc. Just make sure to share a picture with us because we love featuring your pets. You can email pictures to