Is Bathing a Cat Really Necessary (or Just a Myth in Caring for Pets)?

Acclimate Your Kitten to Bath Time

It's no secret that cats aren't huge fans of water. Don't despair! Your kitten is the perfect age to introduce him to water. With a few simple suggestions, your kitten can learn to love—or at least tolerate—the necessary flea bath.

  • Introduce water gradually. Encourage your kitten to play in a small bowl filled with water.
  • Create a positive bath-time experience. Grab your pet's favorite toys and add them to his bath ritual.
  • Start small. While a bathtub seems appropriate, a sink or smaller tub might work better for your friend.
  • Avoid sprayers. Instead, use your hand or a small cup for rinsing. Avoid eyes and ears when shampooing, and use a product specifically created for your pet's age and weight.
  • Use warm water. Test the water on your wrist before placing your kitten in the water.
  • Absorb as much excess water as possible with a dry towel. Some cats will want to remain in your loving embrace after a bath; others will want to be released quickly. Watch your pet for cues—he will let you know which approach he prefers.