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Carhartt Pet Plush Reversable Napper Pad-Southern Agriculture
CarharttCarhartt Pet Plush Reversable Napper Pad
Sale priceFrom $49.99

1 color available

Carhartt Blanket for Dogs-Southern Agriculture
CarharttCarhartt Blanket for Dogs
Sale price$89.99

1 color available

Huggle Hounds - Huggle Fleece. Pouf Beds - Tan.-Southern Agriculture
Coolin' Pet Pad-Southern Agriculture
Carhartt Pet Bed with Rain Defender-Southern Agriculture
CarharttCarhartt Pet Bed with Rain Defender
Sale priceFrom $109.99

2 colors available

Cotton Candy Mat - Pink & Purple-Southern Agriculture
Strawberry Sorbet Cove-Southern Agriculture
Bed/House Cotton Candy Blue-Southern Agriculture
Bed Sweetheart Blue Mat-Southern Agriculture
Pet Bed Sweetheart Pink Mat by Parisian Pet-Southern Agriculture
Paikka - Recovery Orthopedic Pet Bed-Southern Agriculture
CopperPet - Dog Bed.-Southern Agriculture
CopperPetCopperPet - Dog Bed
Sale priceFrom $129.99
Tall Tails - Houndstooth Dog Blanket-Southern Agriculture
Tall Tails - Grey Icon Blanket.-Southern Agriculture
West Paw - Big Sky Nap-Southern Agriculture
West PawWest Paw - Big Sky Nap
Sale priceFrom $58.99
Huggle Hounds - Huggle Fleece. Tan-Southern Agriculture
K&H Heated Mat Lectro Kennel-Southern Agriculture
K&H Thermo Pet Mat-Southern Agriculture
K&H Lectro-Soft™ Outdoor Heated Bed-Southern Agriculture
K&H Thermo-Ortho Bed-Southern Agriculture
K&H Microwavable Pet Bed Warmer-Southern Agriculture
K&H Lectro-Temp Control-Southern Agriculture
K&H Lectro-Soft Igloo-Style Heated Bed-Southern Agriculture
Carhartt Napper Pad-Southern Agriculture
CarharttCarhartt Napper Pad
Sale priceFrom $109.99

Keep your dog cozy and comfortable with dog beds, blankets, and bedding from Southern Agriculture.

Dog beds, dog blanket for bed, and bed warmers are all you want to make your dog feel warm and cozy while he rests and sleeps. Southern Agriculture lets you shop for the most comfortable and stylish selection of pet beds.

With us, you can shop for beds and blankets online. All items are shipped from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Or shop in-store at our locations in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and Owasso in Oklahoma. 

Not finding what you want for your pet? Send us an email:

Apart from showing their love for you, your canine friend loves to lounge. Why not make their lounging experience luxurious by providing stylish and soft dog beds. Our beds are made of durable and super affable skin-friendly fabrics. They are available in a variety of shades from bold to neutral to merge seamlessly with your living spaces. 

When it comes to dog blanket for bed, one size does not fit all. Different dog breeds have different sizes and behavior. Hence, Southern Agriculture stocks all varieties of beds and blankets. Above all, your dog’s comfort, chewing habits,  and sleeping style also matter. Also, you need to consider the time they spend resting. And it may differ for pups, adult dogs, and senior dogs. According to pet experts, puppies and senior dogs rest for 18 to 20 hours a day. And adult dogs sleep for 8 to 14 hours a day.

At Southern Agriculture, dog parents get a brilliant collection of blankets and beds. Some of the star products at our store are Tall Tails Sherpa Blanket for dog, cotton candy pink bed cum house, and cuddle dog beds from Hello Doggie. All our beds are made from comfortable foam base material or polyester fills that provide optimum support to your pets. Our lineup also offers orthopedic memory foam-filled beds that adapt to any sleeping position and are great for dogs’ comfort. 

With such huge varieties of dog blanket for bed and houses, dog parents can pick the most suitable thing for their dogs. Apart from the comfort and security for the pets, our blankets also help pet parents keep their furnishing and furniture free of pet hairs. Shop with us for an excellent range of pet mats and pet bed warmer