Fashionable Dog Collars And Harnesses At Southern Agriculture Oklahoma, USA

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Carhartt Tradesman Dog Collar-Southern Agriculture
CarharttCarhartt Tradesman Dog Collar
Sale price$19.99

4 colors available

All Star Dogs - Oklahoma State Cowboys Dog Collar-Southern Agriculture
The Most Coveted Pink Dog Collar with Bowtie & Pearl by Blueberry Pet-Southern Agriculture
Most Coveted Holo Glitter Dog Collar with Flower Pink Multi Stars-Southern Agriculture
Dog Collar Nylon Adj. Mickey Mouse-Southern Agriculture
Weaver Leather - Terrain Reflective Snap-N-Go Collar-Southern Agriculture
Weaver Leather - Carved Floral Dog Collar-Southern Agriculture
Gentle Leader Headcollar for Dogs-Southern Agriculture
Pom Pom Wreath Dog Collar-Southern Agriculture
Weaver Leather - Terrain D.O.G. Straight Russet Leather Dog Collar-Southern Agriculture
Easy Walk Gently Leading Harness for Dogs-Southern Agriculture
Max and Molly Smart ID Jelly Bears Adjustable Dog Collar-Southern Agriculture
Max and Molly Smart ID Watermelon Adjustable Dog Collar-Southern Agriculture
Pink With Green Polka Dot Flocking with Flower Dog Collar-Southern Agriculture
Save 42%
National Pride American Flag Bowtie Dog Collar by Blueberry Pet-Southern Agriculture
Carhartt Training Harness for Dogs-Southern Agriculture
Lead Nylon Mickey Mouse-Southern Agriculture
Advantage ll 4-pack - Southern Agriculture
BayerAdvantage ll 4-pack
Sale priceFrom $67.99
K9 Advantix ll - Southern Agriculture
Seresto Collar
BayerSeresto Collar
Sale price$85.99
Mimi Green - Dog Collar Rose Flower Attachment
Blueberry Pet Rose Baby Pink Floral Dog Collar
Blueberry Pet Red with Teal Hearts Dog Collar
Blueberry Pet - 3M Reflective Padded Dog Collar Baby Blue

Southern Agriculture brings a fashionable selection of dog collars and harnesses.  We have the best resources to keep your pet safe and secured while outdoors. Shop from a variety of sizes, styles, and shades to meet your needs and choices. Collars and harnesses are essential dog accessories for new pet parents. As you bring your new friend home, all you need is a collar of appropriate size. 


Dog Collars let you leash your dog to prevent them from getting lost. We offer a wide range of patterned and leather dog collars. They are available in every shade you can imagine and in a variety of styles and patterns. This makes them a perfect piece of fashion and not just safety gear. At Southern Agriculture, we believe both collar and harnesses are equally important for your pup’s safety and health. 

Apart from varied leather shades, we also have stark orange, blue, playful pink-green polka dot collar, multi-colored, Vintage US flag patterns, textured collars, and more. We also have calming collars that use pheromones to minimize anxiety in dogs. 


Using dog harnesses is the safest way to hook your dog with better control. The harness also reduces pulling and there are fewer chances of stress on the pet's necks and joints. As you shop with us, you would be amazed to see the variety of harnesses. Harnesses are better if you have a large and zesty dog as a harness allows us to handle your dog with fewer strains.

Dog collars and harnesses are being used by dog owners worldwide. They are essential for the safety of dogs and others. They are also helpful in training dogs and making them behave responsibly. Our selection exhibits a quality collection of durable dog leashes, harnesses, and collars. Also, shop for other dog accessories at our stores including dog clothes, feeders, bowlers, dewormers, grooming, and cleaning accessories. We love animals and offer everything that concerns them covering foods, toys, and all accessories for canine fashion.