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Foggy Dog - Dog Collar Chambray Blue
Midlee - Plaid and Green Decorative Dog Collar
Midlee - Thanksgiving Turkey Decorative Dog Collar
Midlee - Valentine's Heart Decorative Dog Collar
Midlee - Birthday Cake Decorative Dog Collar
Midlee - Wedding Pearl Bead Dog Collar
Foggy Dog - Dog Bow Heart Throb
Foggy Dog - Dog Bow Lady Hot Pink
Foggy Dog - Dog Collar Heart Throb
Foggy Dog - Raspberry Gingham Valentine's Day Dog Collar
3M - Clear Custom Care Collar
All Star Dogs - Collar Nylon Adj. OSU Pistol Pete
Climbing Rope Leash
Warren LondonClimbing Rope Leash
Sale price$21.99

3 colors available

Heart Smoocher
Foggy Dog - Dog Collar Egg Hunt Day
Foggy Dog - Dog Collar Fable Plaid Flannel
Foggy Dog - Dog Toy Dog Bone Squeaky Birthday YAY!
Foggy Dog - Dog Toy Dog Bone Squeaky Birthday Make A Wish
Foggy Dog - Dog Collar Emerald Plaid
Foggy Dog - Dog Collar Garden Party Spring Rifle Paper Co.
Scout Dog Leash
ScoutScout Dog Leash
Sale price$20.00
Scout Dog Collar
ScoutScout Dog Collar
Sale price$20.00
Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar-Southern Agriculture
Sold out
Mardi Gras Smoocher

Dog Collars, puppy collars, leads, harnesses, leashes, and more. Keep your dog strutting in style when you shop Southern Agriculture for your the best fashionable selection.

 You can shop in-store. We have seven locations in Tulsa, Owasso, and Broken Arrow. You can also shop online. All items are in-stock and shipped to you from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Shop the finest colorful and trendy dog collars leashes for your lovely friend! Southern Agriculture offers a full range of dog harnesses and other accessories to let your dogs walk in style everywhere they go. All our stores located in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and Owasso are stocking a huge number of fashionable selections of dog apparel and accessories. We also deliver products to your doors. Place your orders online to save hassles and time. Pet parents can also buy puppy collars and leads to look after the junior pets.

Your dogs need to walk and explore their neighborhood. They love to roam around and stretch their legs. As per veterinarians, most dogs need to walk from 30 minutes to 2 hours every day. This physical activity helps them to stay healthy and well-behaved. But these outings should not turn into a nightmare for the pet parents. Hence, appropriate collars or harnesses around their neck are important. They are also ideal for training them. 

At Southern Agriculture, pet parents can shop for amazing varieties of dog leashes and harnesses. Do not get surprised to find collars that make your head turn! Here is what our stock of dog accessories brings for your dogs-

  • Leather leashes and collars
  • Thematic dog collars
  • Bark collars
  • Full body support harnesses
  • Adjustable dog collars
  • Chain Slip Collars
  • Smart collars
  • Martingale Collars 
  • Headcollars
  • Dog leash bags

All these dog accessories are available in amazing shades like pink, brown, black, green, orange, purple, blue, and vibrant multi-colored varieties. Our theme-based collars give exciting collars inspired by our national flag, Disney cartoons, marvel superheroes, scooby doo, and other designs. 

With such huge varieties, dog parents can pick the most suitable collar for their dogs and pups. Dog collars leashes are essential during walks for the safety of your dogs and others. With a suitable harness and leashes, you can reduce the strain on your dog’s neck. Shop with us for an excellent range of dog beds and dog blankets too.