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Braided Sticks Rawhide Chicken Beefhide 4" 4pk
Mini Rolls 3" Rawhide American Beefhide 14 pack
Rawhide Assortment Small Dog Beefhide 4-5" 25 pack
Rawhide Assortment Medium Dog Beefhide 6-7" 10 Pack
Rawhide Assortment Large Dog Beefhide 8-9" 6 Pack
Twistedz Chip Rolls 5" With Chicken - American Beefhide
Chip Rolls Rawhide 100% USA Beefhide 5" 18 Pack
Greenies - Large Dental. Dog Treats.-Southern Agriculture
Crunch Sticks Apricot & Cherry Conure Bird Treat
Birthday Cake Mix for Dogs by Puppy Cake - Southern Agriculture
KONG Kitchen Peanut Butter & Pretzel Dog Treats
Crunch Sticks Apple & Orange Flavor Bird Treat for Conures
Greenies - Fresh Large Dental. Dog Treats.-Southern Agriculture
Twistedz Beefhide Rolls W/Pork 7" 3 pk
Twistedz Beefhide Rolls W/Beef 7" 3 pk
Twistedz Beefhide Rolls W/ Chicken 7" 3 pk
Coprophagia Soft Chews by NaturVet
Hemp Immune Health Plus Soft Chew by NaturVet
Hemp Joint Health Plus Soft Chews by NaturVet
Hemp Joint Health Cat Soft Chews by NaturVet
Hemp Quiet Moments Plus Soft Chews by NaturVet
Merrick - Power Bites Real Rabbit & Sweet Potato Recipe. Dog Treats.-Southern Agriculture
Greenies - Feline SmartBites Hairball Control Tuna Flavor Cat Treats-Southern Agriculture
Pets Prefer Immunity Soft Chews-Southern Agriculture

Southern Agriculture brings an entire range of pet treats! Our pets also need something snacky and playful to feel happy. Our pet treats are delicious and nutritious treats for dogs and cats. These natural treats give them awesome time and a great deal of nutrition. We also offer dental treats covering chewy treats, biscuits, crunchy treats, bones, chicken necks, bully sticks, and more. 

Dog Treats

Like humans, dogs also need to be happy and healthy. Reward your dogs for their good behavior with the yummiest dog treats. Our range of dog treats is crunchy, chewy, and extremely nutritious. We bring treats of all the top brands that pet parents would love to buy. Buy treats for your dogs from Royal Canin, Hill’s Prescription, Pet Deli, Veterinary Select, Redbarn, Vital Essentials, and more. The treats are natural and give a perfect canine treat to your dogs. The finest brands at our store make it simpler for pet parents to get the best treats for their beloved dogs. Our store also provides soft and chewy treats and dental treats for the pups. There are lots of organic chews as well as jerky treats at our store. 

Cat Treats

Do you want to surprise your cuddly and furry kitties with the best cat treats? Southern Agriculture brings ample options for cat parents. We have huge varieties like salmon flavor protein puffs, chicken flavor protein puffs, grain-free treats, crunchy mixes, biscuits, purees, and many more crunchy and jerky treats.

Customers can shop in-store or order online. Our seven stores located in Tulsa, Owasso, and Broken Arrow have excellent treats for your kittens and adult cats. Shop from the finest brands with the likes of Purina, Blue Buffalo, Greenies, Redbarn, and Hills Pet Nutrition. Our store has great treats for cats with health issues like weight management and digestion.