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Bearington Collection - Wuggles the Teddy Bear
Bearington Collection - Cole the Black Dog
Bearington Collection - Clancy the Teddy Bear
Schleich Sheep-Southern Agriculture
Schleich Cat Yellow/White-Southern Agriculture
Schleich Male African Elephant-Southern Agriculture
Plush Bunny Sitting w/ Floppy Ears "Licorice"
Plush Bunny Tan "Toastie"
Plush Bunny Purple "Vickie"
Plush Puppet Monarch Butterfly
Plush Hummingbird "Nectar"
Plush Mallard "Desie"
Schleich - Hyacinth Macaw
Schleich - Sea Unicorn
Schleich - Large Farm Yellow
SchleichSchleich - Large Farm Yellow
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2 colors available

Schleich - Bonobo Female
Schleich - Dinosaurs Stegosaurus
Schleich - Dinosaurs Bajadasaurus
Schleich - Dinosaurs Brachiosaurus
Schleich - Wire-Haired Dachshund
Schleich - Jersey Cow
Schleich - Old English Sheepdog
Schleich - Percheron Mare
Schleich - British Shorthair Cat