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Perky Pet Oriole Carnival Feeder-Southern Agriculture
Perky Pet 2-in-1 XL Tube Feeder-Southern Agriculture
Perky Pet Lantern Sun & Stars Bird Feeder-Southern Agriculture
Perky Pet Duo Gray w/ Lime Roof Feeder-Southern Agriculture
Perky Pet Chalet (Gazebo) Feeder Plastic-Southern Agriculture
Perky Pet Panorama Seed Feeder F/2 Type-Southern Agriculture
Perky Pet Wilderness Lantern Feeder-Southern Agriculture
Perky Pet Birds and Berries Lantern-Southern Agriculture
Puzzle: One Deer Two Cardinals-Southern Agriculture
Puzzle: Popular Backyard Wild Birds of North America-Southern Agriculture
Madd Capp Puzzle: I AM GoldFinch-Southern Agriculture
Mazuri - Waterfowl Maintenance Duck & Geese Food-Southern Agriculture
Mazuri - Waterfowl Maintenance Diet-Southern Agriculture
Mazuri - Waterfowl Breeder Duck & Geese Food-Southern Agriculture
Old World Christmas - Winter Cardinal Ornament-Southern Agriculture
Old World Christmas - Western Goldfinch Ornament-Southern Agriculture
Old World Christmas - Purple Martin Ornament-Southern Agriculture
Old World Christmas - Clip-on Pheasant Ornament-Southern Agriculture
Old World Christmas - Clip-on Meadowlark Ornament-Southern Agriculture
Old World Christmas - Feathered Friends Ornament
Old World Christmas - Pair Of Cardinals Ornament
Old World Christmas - Painted Bunting Clip-On Ornament
Bird -opoly-Southern Agriculture

Shop Southern Agriculture for low prices on wild bird food. From wild bird seed, suet dough, no waste birdseed, premium wild bird food, and more from the top-rated brands, Southern Agriculture has what you're looking for in all sizes from small bags to bulk +20 lb bags. 

You can shop in-store. We have seven locations to serve you in Tulsa, Owasso, and Broken Arrow. You can shop online, all items are in-stock and ship to you from Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

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Southern Agriculture offers huge varieties of wild bird feeders, waterers, habitats, suet doughnuts, seeds, nuggets, and other bird feeds. We also help you attract and serve beautiful backyard visitors with excellent bird accessories. Shop foods and treats for hummingbirds, dove, quail, cardinals, robin, songbirds, and many other backyard birds. 

From the most popular pets to small pets, fishes, and birds; Southern Agriculture caters to the needs of all animals and birds. Everyone loves to watch beautiful chirpy friends in their gardens, galleries, and backyards. All our stores carry the finest quality bird seeds and feeders. The products we bring belong to reputed brands like Kaytee, Perky Pet, and Wild Delight. When you use good quality bird seeds and suits, you will notice that you are having a good number of visitors in your surroundings.

If you are a passionate bird lover and also have pet birds at home, you have all the reasons to rejoice. At Southern Agriculture, we stock feeds, feeders, habitats, and cages for parakeets, finches, canary, finch, hummingbird, cockatiel, and cockatoos. 

Buy the best foods and accessories for-

  • Large birds
  • Small to Medium birds
  • Pet Birds

We offer excellent customer service whether you visit our stores or shop online with us. Our products are helping people in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and Owasso to keep birding by attracting them with high-quality feeders and feeds. Also, shop an excellent range of food and accessories for small pets, fish, and poultry birds. Our online store offers convenient ways for all bird lovers to shop for the finest essentials, toys, and accessories. Simply visit our store for the bird section and find all you need for your pet birds and wild birds.