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Southern Agriculture brings a full range of Hill’s Prescription Diet for your canine and feline friends. All the prescription diet pet foods offer therapeutic nutrition for pets who need special care. Some pets suffer from certain sensitivities and health issues. Their condition may worsen if their conditions go unnoticed. Hill’s prescription is a range of foods formulated to help pets handle their health conditions. The nutritional foods also help pet parents cure their pets of several pet diseases. 

At Southern Agriculture, we are glad to provide pet parents with Hill’s prescription food they require. Different prescription foods are designed to address the following health problems of pets.

Hill’s Prescription Dog Food -

Kidney care

Digestive care


Skin sensitivities

Food sensitivities

Dental care

GI issues

Customers can also shop from premium prescription pet foods that are offering multiple benefits in a single pack. Hill’s foods are clinically tested and excellent outcomes are noticed in the pets with the food. 

Prescription Diet for Allergies

Apart from common illnesses of dogs and cats, Hill’s also offers excellent food for canine allergies. Hill’s Prescription Diet Derm Complete is developed to manage allergies in dogs. The food helps in managing food allergies and/or skin allergies. The food is clinically proven to give relief to your canine friends from these frustrating allergies.

The food line from Hill’s is making life simpler for pets, pet parents, and veterinarians who treat pets. These pet foods are popular worldwide for their therapeutic approach. The tradition of caring for pets through therapeutic food began in 1939 by an acclaimed veterinarian. It happened as it was realized that pets can live to their full potential with tailored nutritious food. 

Picking a pet food is not always a solo decision of the pet owner. Even while we know about our pet’s likings, we may not be sure about what is good for the pet’s well-being. Sometimes you need to talk to your vet to know what kind of food is good for your cat or dog. Especially if your pets are suffering from certain health conditions, it is high time to give them tailored food.